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Download: Pearl Jam - São Paulo - 4.11.2011

Cidade: São Paulo
País: Brasil
Data: 04/11/2011
Banda de Abertura: "X"


01. Go 
02. Do The Evolution 
03. Severed Hand 
04. Hail, Hail 
05. Got Some 

House lights come up so the band can see the crowd. Ed says in English "looks beautiful from here". The crowd does the "olé, olé song" for a bit. Ed briefly addresses the crowd in Portuguese.
06. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town 
07. Given To Fly 
08. Gonna See My Friend 
09. Wishlist 
10. Amongst The Waves 
11. Setting Forth 
12. Not For You/Modern Girl-(Sleater Kinney) 
13. Evenflow 
14. Unthought Known 
15. The Fixer 
16. Once 
17. Black 

Encore Break 1 

The crowd is chanting when Pearl Jam come back on stage. While Ed is searching through his notes the rest of the guys look at the crowd and gesture at Ed, who has his back to the band. The band gets the crowd chanting "Eddie, Eddie, Eddie". Ed thanks the crowd and then says something humorous in Portuguese. 
Ed then thanks X for playing with Pearl Jam and tells a story about being under age and "the terrible things" he did to get a fake ID so he could see X play in a club. He relates how Exene handed him a beer to hold for her. In between songs she would take the cup back and sip the beer and hand it back for him to hold. Ed claims it was one of the biggest honors of his life

18. Just Breathe 

Ed says that the first time Mike played "Inside Job" for him was in a hotel room in São Paulo and that he considers the city to be part of the song.

19. Inside Job 
20. State Of Love And Trust 
21. Olé 
22. Why Go 
23. Jeremy 

Encore Break 2 

During the encore break the crowd sings "Hey Ho Let's Go" from "Blitzkrieg Bop" by The Ramones and the "Oh, Oh" from "Jeremy". 
When the band comes back on stage Ed sings "ole, ole, ole, Brazil" and the crowd responds with "olé, olé, olé, Pearl Jam"

24. Last Kiss - Band forgets the song and almost stop but the crowd singing gets them back on track.
25. Betterman/Save It For Later/I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend-(Ramones) 
26. Spin The Black Circle 
27. Alive 
28. Baba O'Riley
29. Yellow Ledbetter


- O ponto alto do show, na minha opinião, foi no final da Wishlist; o público (incluindo eu) cantou a melodia da música e o Eddie acompanhou... Foi lindo e inesquecível!
- Músicas raras tocadas: Inside Job, Severed Hand.



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  1. João, sabe onde encontro o show do dia 3 de SP e o de POA?

  2. Opa! Em breve posso postar aqui!

  3. João, ta quebrado o link cara.
    Arruma ai pra gente

    1. Fala Bira! Leia esse post que eu escrevi um tempo atrás:

      Tirei alguns downloads do blog, esse show foi um deles...

      forte abraço!