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Download: São Paulo - 3.11.2011

Cidade: São Paulo
Data: 3/11/2011
Banda de abertura: "X"


01. Release (Ed mentions "Johnny" in the lyrics, a reference to Johnny Ramone)
02. Corduroy
03. Why Go
04. Animal
05. World Wide Suicide
06. Got Some

(Ed addresses the crowd in Portuguese)
07. Evenflow
08. Unthought Known
(crowd sings the "olé, olé" football song. The band plays along with them)
09. Whipping
10. Daughter/WMA
11. Olé
12. Down
13. Save You
14. The Fixer
15. Do The Evolution
16. Porch

(Ed introduces the band in Portuguese)
17. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
18. Just Breathe 

(Ed thanks X for playing with Pearl Jam. He then addresses the crowd in Portuguese. He talks about the Ramones playing in Brazil and mentions that "Come Back" was written for Johnny Ramone)
19. Come Back
20. I Believe In Miracles-(Ramone, Ray)
21. Alive
22. Comatose
23. Black
24. Betterman 

(Ed talks about being glad to be back in Brazil and that they see more Brazilian flags than any other no matter where they play.)
25. Rearviewmirror
26. Rockin' In The Free World (changes lyric to "there's color in the streets/ green, yellow and blue" referring to the Brazilian flag)


- Músicas raras tocadas: Comatose, Come Back, WMA (tag)
- O poster é lindo!



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  1. Valeu João!!! Agora só falta POA. Vai rolar?

  2. Claro! Primeiro vou priorizar algum show de fora.. Depois coloco POA (aliás, que show foi aquele!)