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4 de Dezembro: Eddie Vedder em Clearwater II

Cidade: Clearwater
Estado: Florida
Data: 04.12.2012
Local: Ruth Eckerd Hall
Hora: 20:30 (23:30 de Brasília)
Abertura: Glen Hansard
Show de número 22/22




01. Trouble-(Yusuf Islam)
02. Brain Damage-(Waters)
03. Sometimes

(“Welcome to the last night of the tour.” Ed thanks the audience for coming out to see him and Glen. Struggling through all the shouting, Ed says that “usually the second to last show is the best one. You think it is going to be the last but it is usually the last show. However, I do believe that with your assistance we can make this last show the best one.”)

04. Can’t Keep

(Ed says that there are no plans for any more ukulele shows and that everything coming up is all band shows which he assumes will make the crowd happy but, “I am gonna miss playing these songs.”)

(Ed talks about his state of mind when he first started writing on the ukulele. He says that no matter what he did, you can only make the instrument sound so sad. “If I had written these songs on a guitar with a drop D tuning, people would probably be killing themselves.” He started to write songs strictly for himself and giving them to a few friends to let them know he was okay. As Ed began to feel better, he started writing happier songs. “You can really hear the difference between the early songs and the later ones. This song is one of the later ones and I wrote it after I found the right woman.”)

05. Without You

(Ed talks about the writer Michael Laird who once interviewed Eddie while they were sitting on a bridge over 100 feet in the air. Michael passed away but Ed ran into his family. The next song is for him.)

06. Man Of The Hour

(Ed relates a quote from an interview with Roger Waters. “Tragedy is a gift that makes us empathize with others.” He talks about Roskilde and how he wishes we could empathize without going through the tragedy. “This song is about empowerment through tragedy.”

07. I Am Mine

(Ed talks more about Roskilde and how it devastated the band and it gave them the drive to empathize strongly with other people who had experienced tragedy. It cause them to be more concerned with our soldiers and it led to the band being involved with “Wounded Warriors.”http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org The next song relates to what was going on in Seattle in the nineties.

08. Needle and The Damage Done-(Young)
09. Betterman
10. Millworker-(Taylor)
11. Long Nights w/ Glen Hansard
12. ?(Improv)? (appears to be extemporaneous lyrics about nature and change. Runs directly into the next song)
13. Far Behind

(Ed talks about the crew being the family but singles out the long time monitor engineer Karrie Keyes. “She has put up with more nasty stares than my parents ever did. About 18 years ago she gave birth to twin daughters. I like to think my behavior helped prepare her for raising her kids. I want to bring her onstage so you can see what awesome woman who works for a rock band looks like.” Karrie goes onstage. “So, any girls out there, if you want to be in a rock band or work for a rock band, it can be done. This next song is for Karrie and her girls.”)

14. Guaranteed

(Someone in the audience shouts a request for “Jeremy.” Ed sarcastically says “Oh yeah, Jeremy, that would give me a real thrill to play. Yeah, all by myself. You know trying to play that song without the band is like trying to make a smoothie and the only thing you have is sand.” As Ed tries to talk about the next song someone shouts another request. “You know, whenever I hear a person shouting a song like that at me when I am trying to talk about and play a sensitive song, I just want to buy them a drink. In fact, there is a bar about 3 blocks from here so why don’t you go there now and wait for me? We have a lot of songs to get through so let me play them. This song is about a couple that is the flip side of “Betterman.”)

15. Good Woman-(Chan Marshall)
16. Parting Ways
17. Lukin
18. Porch

Encore Break 1

(Ed talks about all of the fans that travel from Central and South America to see shows. He got a request for “Santa Cruz” from someone and tried to figure out where the person was from but Santa Cruz is very popular city name. He ran into the guy again, “It wasn’t from where I was expecting. He was from Bolivia. So this is for Bolivia.”)

19. Santa Cruz
20. Wishlist
21. Pump Organ

(Jill’s youngest sister Ashley just got engaged so Ed plays the next song for them.)

22. Just Breathe

(Ed talks about the charity Heal EB. A person who had donated money for the WM3 is also helping with this charity and requested a song. http://healeb.org Ed notes that he probably hasn’t played this song by himself since he wrote it. He hasn’t practiced it and isn’t sure how it will go. He is just going to try and go back to what it probably sounded like when he wrote it.

23. Corduroy (played on acoustic guitar)

(Ed praises Glen and says, “I have never seen someone sing so well and so consistently while being so completely hung over. I look forward to this part of the set because I know at least three songs are going to be great. I don’t want to introduce Glen for the last time but maybe someday we an get together in some way again. Glen is just a fantastic singer and songwriter and he reminds us that we need new songs to keep us going. Like medicine. So let’s welcome Dr. Glen Hansard.)

24. Society w/ Glen Hansard-(Hannan)

(Ed tells a story about meeting a young man in Dublin in the mid 90’s. The kid had a cool mod jacket. Ed commented on it and the kid gave Ed the jacket. When Glen and Ed finally met, Ed realized the kid that gave him the jacket was Glen’s cousin. The kid lived with Glen and would borrow his records and his clothes. The kid had actually given Ed Glen’s jacket. Ed isn’t going to give it back. Ed tells the audience they want to perform using the theater's natural acoustics and to please be quiet so everyone can hear. The audience is very quiet for the entire song.)

25. Sleepless Nights w/ Glen Hansard-(Bryant, Bryant) [busking-no mics or PA)
26. Falling Slowly w/ Glen Hansard-(Hansard, Irglová)
27. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)

Encore Break 2

28. Hard Sun w/ Glen Hansard-(Petersong)

(after the song the entire Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard crews come out and take a bow. Ed thanks the audience for such a great reception.)

29. Dream A Little Dream-(Gus Kahn, Wilbur Schwandt, Fabian Andree)

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