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24 de Novembro: Eddie Vedder em Jacksonville I


Cidade: Jacksonville
Estado: Florida
Data: 24.11.2012
Hora: 20:30h (23:30h de Brasília)
Local: Moran Theather
Abertura: Glen Hansard
Show de Número 15/22






01. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
02. Can’t Keep

(guy in audience screams “welcome to Jacksonville Eddie”. Ed responds, “Home of the Jackson Five? No wait that is (sings) Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana.” He then invites the audience to be seated because “we are going to be here awhile. I made the same offer to Tulsa but by the end of the night they couldn’t stand up...but you guys seem much more dignified than that...”. A women shouts “I love you Eddie!!”. Ed, “Well, I can’t see you but I am sure I love you too. I am going to play another quiet song before the fireworks start.” This is in reference to a riverside boat parade that we have been told might end with fireworks.)

03. Sleeping By Myself
04. Without You

(while Ed is talking to the audience about playing in Florida and this being his first time in Jacksonville fireworks can be heard going off. Ed says, “that is pretty loud for the quiet song I was gonna play.. can you you hand me that loud ukulele?” He talks a bit about the instrument and says, “if they are going to make that noise out there this is my answer..”)

05. Loud Uke
06. Soon Forget (fireworks can still be heard going off outside especially during the “whistling” part)
07. Light Today
08. Brain Damage-(Waters)
09. Sometimes

(Ed tells of reading a Bruce Springsteen interview where for a while Bruce would pick a person in the front row and sing the entire show to them. Looking them in the eye the entire time. Ed says, “I tried it a couple of times but I would look at the person and after minute they would look down. I would keep looking at them, they would look up and I would still be singing to them so they would look back down...and I understand that. I would be weirded out by that too.” Somebody shouts a request for ‘Red Mosquito’. “yeah, that is a good one...I am never gonna play it but it is a good one...you kinda want to have Mike McCready at your back for that.”)

10. Girl From The North Country-(Dylan)
11. I Am Mine

(“I don’t know what to say about this next song...It is based on a true story. It happens to male same sex couples, female same sex couples, male and female couples. It happens a lot. To much. I remember I got to play the song with Pete Townshend. He was listening to a live version. Pete said, ‘I really like the chords and the way the crowd is singing along. I like that the song is so dysfunctional and so many people relate to it.’”)

12. Better Man
13. Far Behind

(Ed, “some of the songs on Into The Wild are really short but that is because the scenes are so short. People say, “It’s a good song but it is so short.” Ed’s reply was “Play it twice.” He said I didn’t want to give Sean (Penn) a 4 minute song for 1:15 scene. He was already doing all the hard work. And is still doing the hard work. Just a little ways away from you in Haiti. He has been there for two years working his flesh to the bone.”
Ed then tells a story about going camping with his family in Florida and having to swim in a lagoon that reeked of sulfur. His Dad threw a rock at what appeared to be a log but when the rock struck it the “log” sank. When they left they realized they were close to another lagoon that had some alligators in it. Ed realized that his father had chucked a rock at an alligator. Ed feels lucky to have survived his first trip to Florida.)

14. Guaranteed
15. Rise
16. Long Nights w/ Glen Hansard

(Ed talks about the community of fans that meet and hang out with each other on the tours. He says that there are probably people at the show now that are around 20 that were conceived during Pearl Jam’s early tours)

17. Immortality
18. Porch

Encore Break

(Ed compliments the audience. “We are going to be here awhile, I don’t know where I am playing tomorrow but fuck those guys...present company excluded.” A guy in the audience yells, (for perhaps the 15th time) “Welcome to Florida Eddie”. Ed comments that tonights show would make a good bootleg..but everyone would be wondering why that guy yells “welcome to Florida” about every two songs. Ed equates it to a flight attendant welcoming you to Florida. “We arrived at the same time, why are you welcoming me?”)

19. Driftin’
20. Pump Organ
21. Speed Of Sound
22. Let My Love Open The Door-(Townshend)

(Ed dedicates a song to the Merrit (sp) family. Dr. Merrit is the doctor in Hawaii that takes care of the big wave surfers. Another Dr. Matt (?) is Ed’s dealer, music dealer. He gets Ed all sorts of great music.)

23. Society w/ Glen Hansard-(Hannan)
24. Sleepless Nights w/Glen Hansard-(Bryant, Bryant) Busk no mics or PA

(Ed says, “Obviously, I wouldn’t be playing this next song without Glen and after this tour I am really going to miss playing it. Hopefully someday again in the future...)

25. Falling Slowly w/ Glen Hansard-(Hansard, Irglová)

(“I am gonna play a Willie Nelson song, at least it is now..”)
26. Just Breathe
27. Unthought Known
28. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)

Encore Break 2

29. Hard Sun w/ Glen Hansard-(Peterson)
30. Tomorrow Night-(Traditional)

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