quarta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2012

7 de Novembro: Eddie Vedder em El Paso

Cidade: El Paso
Estado: Texas
Data: 07.11.12
Local: Plaza Theater
Hora: 20:30h (00:30h de Brasília)
Show de número 5/22
Abertura: Glen Hansard

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01. Waving Palms
02. Can’t Keep
03. Sleeping By Myself
04. Without You

(Ed says, “Let me say something I have never said before. “Hello El Paso”. Crowd cheers loudly. He goes on to say “What were we thinking it is beautiful here.” Some person in the audience has an ear splitting, shrill and annoying whistle. Ed comments that is loud and shrill and to save it for the end when the electric guitars come out.” He says he read a review that referred to Ed’s “happy ukulele” so he wants to play a sad song.)

05. Broken Heart

(Ed talks about learning some old ukulele songs from old music books. He just had the chords and lyrics and made up the rest. He wants to play a song that was written about the same time the theater was being erected. This leads to a few jokes about erections lasting 82 years.)

06. More Than You Know-(Rose, Eliscu, Youmans)
07. Wishlist
08. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

(Ed tells of meeting some local musicians while in El Paso. The young band was asking him for help picking a name for their band. Ed mentions some options. The story digresses to story about playing in Utah that culminates with a pun on the name Norman. The story digresses further but works it’s way to religious freedom and freedom from religion, whatever you choose. He makes it back to band names and says he is going to play a song he hasn’t done in a long time by one of his favorite bands.)

09. I Believe In Miracles-(Ramones, Ray)

(Ed says “this building can do something special to help us get into the mood to go into the wild.” The plants that line the walls of the theater are then lit up and stars on the ceiling.)

10. Far Behind
11. Setting Forth (dedicate to a young boy in the audience named Jack)

(Ed wishes there were stars behind him as well. The curtains light up like stars in the night sky.)

12. Guaranteed
13. Rise-(stopped because mandolin was out of tune)
14. Just Breathe (does a quick Willie impersonation then plays the song straight)
15. Rise
16. Long Nights w/ Glen Hansard

(Ed asks to keep the campfire going for the next few songs. They were requests he got earlier in the day. This causes the audience to start loudly shouting out songs. One person shouts out for Ed to “Rock Out”. Ed suggests that if you are in the middle section of the theater it might be wise to take the opportunity to use the bathroom because it is going to be mellow for awhile. They continue to shout requests. Ed finally gets them settled down)

17. Needle & The Damage Done-(Young)

(More shouting. Requests and just general nonsense. Ed says that there is medication for that condition but a side effect is anal leakage. He then apologizes to young Jack, the boy he spoke to before for talking like that. Ed says this request was one that a person had made earlier in a calm fashion. He then laughs and tells the crowd he is just kidding.)

18. Off He Goes

(Ed says he wants to play an instrument that a man named Javier gave him. At first Ed thought Javier wanted Ed to sign it but Javier said it was a gift. Ed had never seen one. The instrument is an Epiphone Les Paul style ukulele. Ed says I tried to write a song with it.)

19. Les Paul Uke-(working title of new song with lyrics. Song has Les Paul uke, vocals, and beer case kick drum)
20. Unthought Known

(Ed says the next song was for a person named Vince who said that there were songs that were helping him get through some hard times)

21. Porch

Encore Break

(Ed talks about the gay marriage and pot legalization passing. He said that earlier he met a person who said they knew someone who could sing “Tonight, You Belong To Me” with him. He invites a woman to come up and try it. He notes that they have never practiced and he hasn’t met her. While she is brought backstage Ed continues telling a story about gay marriage and equality and what brought it home for him was when Bono asked him, “how do you condemn love?”)

22. I Am A Patriot-(Steven Van Zandt)
23. Immortality

(Ed says from about row 24? Let me introduce to you and to me, Melissa. Ed strums a little so she can get the key. She sings off mic a bit to work it out. She says she hopes she doesn’t screw up. Ed says she will do fine. She does.)

24. Tonight, You Belong To Me w/ Mellisa Ibarra
25. Society w/ Glen Hansard-(Hannan)

(Ed talks about how much Johnny Ramone taught him about crafting a song by having him listen to older music that he missed out on. Like the song he is going to play with Glen. He says I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be doing this with Glen if my “uncle” Johnny hadn’t given him a master class in music

26. Sleepless Nights w/ Glen Hansard-(Bryant, Bryant)
27. Falling Slowly w/ Glen Hansard-(Hansard, Irglová)

(Ed starts off talking about how there are some long drives on this tour and he wants to dedicate the next song to the people that are driving the gear and the crew. He gets interrupted by more shouting of request from the audience. He tells them that he can’t hear them because the band he is in requires that he stand in front of Matt Cameron’s incredibly loud and powerful drums. He then talks about the rest of the band how the music that they love to play sound best really loud which is why he can’t hear what the people are shouting. The shouting continues. Ed says “another trick is to just wait until I hear a request for the song I was already planning on playing. Someone shouts “Rearviewmirror” Ed says “That’s it!” and plays...)

28. Open All Night-(Springsteen)
29. The End

(Ed had heard that a while ago there were plans to tear down the theater. He said he would like to thank the people that prevented that from happening. It is important to keep beautiful places like this around. He also thanks the contents of the building (audience)

30. Arc

Encore Break

31. Hard Sun w/ Glen and audience members-(Peterson)

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