domingo, 4 de novembro de 2012

4 de Novembro: Eddie Vedder em Phoenix, Arizona

Cidade: Phoenix
País: Estados Unidos
Data: 04.11.2012
Hora: 20:30h (1:30h de Brasília)
Show de número 3/22 da turnê
Abertura: Glen Hansard

***A transmissão do show pela rádio SiriusXM foi cancelada por motivos técnicos. Mas, para a alegria dos fãs, o fantástico show do dia 1 de Novembro será colocado no lugar, o que reforça os rumores de que essa turnê do Eddie terá boots oficiais!




01. Elderly Woman Behind The Curtain In A Small Town

(Ed briefly mentions the first time he played Phoenix in 1991 and the last time in 2003. He comments that it has been too long. He thanks them for being able to come to the show even though it had moved from it’s original date several months ago)

02. Brain Damage-(Waters)
03. Sometimes
04. Can’t Keep
05. Sleeping By Myself
06. Without You

(Ed talks about the ukulele being a naturally happy sounding instrument. When he got into the ukulele he was at the lowest point in his adult life. At first he wanted to destroy the “happy sounding” instrument. He let the uke sit for a few days and then decided he would bring it down to his level and wrote some of the saddest songs he could. He says the next song is not one of the sad songs but a happy one. “I gave one back to the uke, and I had also met a wonderful girl.”)

07. You’re True (towards the end of the song says, “at this point the couple had been together for about ten years, had a couple of kids and were going to get married, taking it slow you know...”)

08. Light Today

(Ed tells the story about staying up late in one beautiful, clear night with a bright full moon. All of his friends and family were asleep but he wanted to enjoy the evening. He took his portable recorder and walked to the beach while recording the sound of the waves that are used during the song “Light Today”. He talks about how beautiful and peaceful the evening was and great the recording came out but he goes on to say that if “you listen to the whole tape you can hear these great waves and I am walking back to the house and I took a different path that was mostly sticker bushes so towards the end of the you can hear me saying ‘fuck, ow, fuck fuck ow fuck’ as I walk back to the house.”)

09. Millworker (Taylor)

(Ed talks about good kids coming from good parents and parents in general. He mentions that he never got me meet his dad but when hanging out in a jazz club in Mesa he met a guy playing with the band who was a friend of Ed’s father. Ed goes on to say that he never got to play music for his dad but he does get to play music for his dad’s best friend. He then asks the man (Danny Jones?) to stand up. He says Danny is a great dad as well.)

10. Just Breathe (Ed asks the audience if they have heard the Willie Nelson version and proceeds to sing the song the way Willie does. Ed says “I probably know Willie’s version better than my own by now)

(Ed talks about rafting with Sean Penn after shooting the film “Into The Wild”. Brian is in the audience and Ed invites him up to look at the campfire he has on stage. Brian stays on stage while the next songs are played)

11. Far Behind
12. Guaranteed
13. Long Nights w/ Glen Hansard

(Ed talks about back packing with Brian and Sean Penn a bit more and mentions what a hero Penn is for everything he is doing in Haiti. He suggests people check out what they can do to help Haiti. )

14. Rise (Brian leaves the stage)
15. Better Man (hi string guitar version)
16. Masters Of War-(Dylan)

(Ed says the political process is making him physically sick. He talks about how great the country could be if we just got “the right people out of the way and let the country run the way it should”)

17. Unthought Known
18. Porch

Encore Break 1

19. Wishlist
20. Society w/ Glen Hansard-(Hannan)
21. Sleepless Nights w/ Glen Hansard-(Bryant, Bryant) {performed normally WITH mics and PA]
22. Falling Slowly w/ Glen Hansard-(Hansard, Irglova)

(Ed tells a story about being stuck in Gila Bend. A person in the audience shouts at Ed continuously even claiming to be the “Tom” of the story. Ed says if you get a chance stop by and see if Tom and Ava are still around)

23. Open All Night-(Springsteen)
24. Arc

Encore Break 2

25. Rockin’ In The Free World w/ Glen Hansard-(Young)
26. Hard Sun w/ Glen Hansard-(Petersong)



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